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Amp Repair Expert Adam Kachersky was an employee at Central Jersey Music Service in Edison, NJ for over 12 years and an apprentice to Dennis Kager of Ampeg/Sundown fame.


He specializes in guitar and bass amp repairs, especially vintage tube amps, so if you're looking to repair that classic Fender, Ampeg, Sundown, Marshall (and many more!), contact us today!

Exciting News!

After spending 15 years in the amp repair business, Adam Kachersky has decided to start on a new adventure: building his own line of tube amps! And what will this new phase in amplification be dubbed?

introducing "HAND-WIRED"!

The Tube Amp Building Class!

Under the instruction and guidance of veteran Generation Electric amp repair tech and RIPCORD amp builder Adam Kachersky, set upon your journey to build a point to point, handwired BY YOU, Tweed Deluxe 5E3 tube amp!

hand wired logo.jpg

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